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Shared spirit in 1 Kearny’s styles from 3 eras by SFGate

November 10, 2012 Posted in: Press Releases

The newest building on Market Street in San Francisco isn’t really a building at all. It’s a 10-story bookend with a coat of brick-red terra cotta and crisp black metal.

It’s also the third piece of an architectural collage started in 1902 – a triptych that manages to distill a century of design and cultural trends into a single building that covers less than half a block.

The largest piece of what’s now called One Kearny came first, a 12-story burst of French Renaissance ebullience designed by William Curlett. There’s a regal granite base, the emphatic thrust of sandstone and then, at the summit, a steep two-story roof clad in red clay tiles and punctuated by florid dormer windows.

That’s how urbanism worked back then. You arrive on the scene, you put on a show.

To the east, filling the wedge where Geary and Market streets meet, stands the second installment of the saga: a 1964 addition that concealed new circulation systems and bathrooms for its predecessor.

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