Cerpiano+  Applications


First, a floor surface fit for installation must be prepared. The surface should be flat and an enclosed surface must have a slope of 2%, so that accumulating rainwater is able to drain.


1- First step

Now the aluminum substructure is mounted on the flat floor surface. The aluminum profiles are propped up with terrace pads or bases. The aluminum profiles must be designed with a recommended centre distance of 37.5 cm. To prepare the floor surface, small unevennesses can be compensated by underlaying another terrace pad.

2- Second step

The aluminum profiles installed as mentioned above are pasted up on the top with a self-adhesive rubber band. This rubber overlay is used for the insulation of impact sound and compensates for small tolerances of the brick plates.

3 – Third step

Subsequently, the brick plates are placed. Depending on the installation type, whether in the half bond or cross joint, corresponding tile spacers are used to specify the correct distance from each other.

4 – Fourth step

The brick plates can be easily cut with a wet saw or a standard Flex (angle grinder) and can be easily adapted for slopes or connection details.