The Shildan/Moeding Terracotta Rainscreen Façade system merges the advantages of two worlds of construction technology, making it a building technique of the future. The warm, natural look of terracotta is combined with a more modern, highly-articulated rainscreen curtainwall system to produce a truly advanced “masonry” exterior wall system with these great advantages:
  • Opening

    Ventilated Terracotta Rainscreen – The Open Joint…

    The Terracotta Rainscreen system allows air to circulate behind the panels to provide pressure equalization, preventing water from being drawn into the building. Additionally, a vapor barrier on the outside face of the back-up wall acts as a final air and water barrier.  
  • venilated

    No Grout…No Sealants…No Dirt!

    The ventilated Terracotta Rainscreen system keeps your building dry and protected from the worst weather conditions without the use of grout or sealants and without any need for maintenance. This includes positive and negative wind loads, as well as seismic, thermal, and normal movement.  
  • Energy

    Energy Saving

    By locating the insulation outside the air/vapor barrier, the condensation is continually evaporating due to air movement. The result is a 50 percent higher insulation value which reduces energy consumption, resulting in healthy wall construction as well as substantially improved comfort and productivity for the occupants. Since this virtually eliminates air filtration and exfiltration, the HVAC system can be substantially reduced, perhaps by one-third.  
  • No Maintenance.jpg

    No Maintenance

    The terracotta panels do not have calcium leakage or efflorescence effect and can be simply cleaned with water, requiring little or no maintenance (unlike repointing of brick facades).  
  • eliminate mold

    Eliminate Mold & Mildew

    The natural ventilation prevents any mold or mildew from growing inside the wall. Since condensation is not trapped in the wall, we can provide a 100-year facade, even with steel stud construction.  
  • built-for-the-future

    Built for the Future

    Both the ALPHATON® & LONGOTON® Terracotta Rainscreen systems address the new IBC 2009 and the International Energy Code which is being adopted by many states such as New York and Massachusetts.
  • open-joint

    Flexibility with the Open Joint Technology

    Transitions between varying materials and introduction of architectural reveals, within the system are easily made. The many available sizes of panels, both in width and height, provide the designer with a wide range of modular design.
  • image description

    Natural Material

    All panels are made from 100% natural clay materials with no artificial pigments. A wide range of natural colors are available. Terracotta is a truly “green” building material.
  • Sustainable Design 80 year-plus life expectancy, with a naturally ventilated wall cavity, helps to eliminate the potential for “sick building syndrome” common to closed cavity walls. All materials fully recyclable.
  • Ten Year Guarantee The full system is factory guaranteed for ten years.
  • Perfect for Coastal Environment All materials of the system are non-fading and resistant to frost, corrosion, salt water and other aggressive substances. Magnesium alloy aluminum support structures are used in shipbuilding.
  • Acoustic insulation The sound attenuation of walls is significantly improved by the MOEDING-ALPHATON® facade.
  • Replacement of damaged tile If one needs to be replaced, it can easily be replaced without harming the others.
  • All year installation The system can be installed in almost all weather conditions.