The rainscreen principle is not new, nor is the idea of rainscreen applied to wall design. For centuries in Norway, the rainscreen idea was intuitively used, without any scientific or systematic foundation. They utilized drained and back-ventilated claddings with both closed and open joints. On buildings with timber claddings, closed joints were adopted, and openings at both the top and bottom of the cladding allowed for drainage and evaporation of any penetrating rainwater. The Norwegians titled this approach the “open-jointed barn technique,” since originally it was used in conjunction with the construction of barns.

The History

  • The Theory

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    Since eliminating the opening is not realistic, the Rainscreen system focuses on eliminating the pressure difference. Since eliminating...

  • The Advantages

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    The Shildan/Moeding Terracotta Rainscreen Façade system merges the advantages of two worlds of construction technology...

  • The Wall Section

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    Since eliminating the opening was rendered an imperfect solution to the problem, efforts turned to the elimination of the third component...